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  • adjective Eye dialect spelling of elegant.


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  • It's an iligant drink that can't be beat for workin 'on the railway.

    Paddy Works on the Railway (1)

  • An iligant wife she's been to me, while workin on the railway.

    Paddy Works on the Railway (1)

  • "'Tis an iligant breeze there is this mornin '," he cried.

    The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys

  • Mrs. Teague is recorded to have advanced to the door with unwonted rapidity (bearing in mind that she had halted a little since she was on the wrong side of forty, from a rheumatic affection,) to meet such an "iligant-looking guest;" and certain it is that he had not been two hours in the house, before it was evident that both parties were on an excellent footing together.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 20, No. 579, December 8, 1832

  • They wouldn't take ye for a gift in the British Arrmy, for I doubt if ye'd weigh ninety pounds soakin 'wet an' a rock in yer hand, but for all that, here's an iligant opporchunity for ye to serrve yer counthry, an 'should worrd av yer brave action reach the king -- bad cess to him -- he may call ye Sir

    Cappy Ricks Retires

  • _The langwudge, sure 't was iligant, the rhitoric was great_,

    Cape Cod Ballads, and Other Verse

  • "It's fine to think of all the iligant things ye'll be seein 'now!"

    The New Girl at St. Chad's A Story of School Life

  • "To tell ye th 'truth, Frankie, Oi'd rather he'd refuse to accept, but it's an iligant bluff Oi can make."

    Frank Merriwell Down South

  • A man keeps his front window shade up so th 'pa-apers can come along an' make a pitcher iv him settin 'in his iligant furnished parlor readin' th 'life iv Dwight L. Moody to his fam'ly. An' th 'lad with th' phottygraft happens along at th 'moment whin he is batin' his wife.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley

  • "Fwhat 'll you give me for the use av that most iligant palanquin I have no time to take away?"

    Life's Handicap


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