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  • Much fascinating data on the East German Stasi's spycraft, extracted from formerly secret archives, marred by a plodding, ill-organized presentation.

    Ian McDonald, Non-Fiction Writer

  • Drawing on his understanding of a republicanism in which institutional interests — in the forms of a central bank, or an entrenched Congress, or an appointed federal establishment — could be corrupting agents in the life of the nation, he wanted to see that the concerns of the ill-organized many were protected against the exclusive privileges of the well-organized few.

    The Right Kind of American Populism

  • His defeat in battle was primarily due to the fact that his ill-organized force, numerically not much greater than that of his enemy, was not adequate for its task.

    The Yew Tree

  • At first his expectations had been borne out: the outlaws either went for lone travelers who had little to be stolen, or they carried out ill-organized raids on well-defended targets.

    The Pillars of the Earth

  • Crossing a spacious hallway, he glanced at the murals depicting Lady, Johnny Diceman, the Queen of Cups, and other members of the ill-organized gambler's pantheon.

    The Grand Wheel

  • Equally anachronistic are the 'old warrior's 'admirers, who are now applauding this volume of his amusing son's ill-organized biography, claiming to detect in the clever young politician the lineaments of the grand old man to come.

    War Correspondent

  • All his life Herzen perceived the external world clearly, and in proportion, but through the medium of his own self-romanticizing personality, with his own impressionable, ill-organized self at the center of his universe.

    The Great Amateur

  • Like many economic classics, the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, published in early 1936, is an ill-organized, repetitious, and quarrelsome book.

    Revaluations II: Keynes's General Theory

  • These fights seemed to me the most ill-organized and unnecessary affairs, for it was not always the strongest tortoise that won; with good terrain in his favour a small specimen could easily overturn one twice his size.

    My Family and Other Animals

  • In these studies, fragmentary, ill-organized, not prepared for publication as they are, we nevertheless possess a veritable treasure-house of soundest reflection and subtlest intuition on many of the fundamental questions of poetry, especially of the drama.

    The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 09 Friedrich Hebbel and Otto Ludwig


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