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  • FAQ: watch events on Help. com as they happen there was a philosopher / biologist (who's name illudes me) who was a great believer in cause and effect, and thoroughly believed and documented that our noses stuck out so that our nostrils could point downwards, on account of diseases falling from the sky and if our noses didn't point down they'd fall in and we'd get ill.

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  • When the Queen of Illusion illudes no more youth is over.

    A Tramp's Notebook

  • A whole group of sensations is sometimes reproduced in its due sequence as regards time and space, with so much reality that it illudes us, as though things were actually present which have long ceased to be so.

    Unconscious Memory

  • The traveller in the desert might as well hope, before he again goes forth into the wilderness of reality, to take rest and refreshment in the oasis with which the Fata Morgana illudes him; or as well might a prisoner hope to escape from his prison through a door reflected in a mirror.

    Unconscious Memory

  • Now a subject such as this belongs to such very low art, that it narrowly illudes precipitation over the confines of Fine Art; yet, that it is Fine Art is indisputable, since no mere mechanic artisan, or other than one specially gifted by nature, could produce it.

    The Germ, Issue #1: Thoughts Toward Nature in Poetry, Literature, and Art

  • You need not fear making me melancholy by reminding me that "we must die to be happy:" it is a truth which, though at first admitted with reluctance, becomes more and more welcome as one earthly hope after another illudes us; till at

    Memoirs, Correspondence and Poetical Remains of Jane Taylor

  • But to speake of the diuerse formes of the circles, of the innumerable characters and crosses that are within and without, and out-through the same, of the diuers formes of apparitiones, that that craftie spirit illudes them with, and or all such particulars in that action, I remit it to ouer-manie that haue busied their heades in describing of the same; as being but curious, and altogether vnprofitable.


  • For as I said before, speaking of _Magie_ that the Deuill illudes the senses of these schollers of his, in manie thinges, so saye I the like of these Witches.


  • Euen the knauerie of that same deuil; who as hee illudes the


  • -- is beyond the comprehension of the friendly peasants; Clive's "fear" is as much misunderstood by his auditor as his courage by the soldiers; the "foolishness" of Muleykeh equally illudes his Arab comrades; the Russian villagers, the Pope, and the lord have to fumble through a long process of argument to the conclusion which for Iván had been the merest matter of fact from the first.

    Robert Browning


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