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  • n. Someone who subscribes to the doctrine of illuminism, or who claims to have achieved spiritual illumination; one of the Illuminati.

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  • n. An illuminator of manuscripts, books, etc.
  • n. A member of the Illuminati; a believer in illuminism. See illuminati, 2.


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From illuminism.


  • Apuleius; and in this moment of confidence the "illuminist," himself with locks so carefully arranged, and seemingly so full of affectations, almost like one of those light women there, dropped a veil as it were, and appeared, though still permitting the play of a certain element of theatrical interest in his bizarre tenets, to be ready to explain and defend his position reasonably.

    Marius the Epicurean — Volume 2

  • THIS IS VERY TYPICAL EXAMPLE ABOUT DANES. IMMIGRANTS ARE DISCRIMINATED AND TREATED LIKE SHIT. NO DANE WOULD PROPABLY EVER BE TREATED THIS WAY, but ofcourse this may be illuminist - satanology mind control operation of illuminist-nazi-elite-monarchy of Denmark and all these kind of things can be done f.ex. with the help of the police or the authorities?

    Rudy Invokes 9/11 To Deflect Questions About Iowa Loss

  • Leader of PET is having a crusade against muslims and operates as an illuminist nazi operator obeying orders of nazi illuminist new world order agendas?

    Rudy Invokes 9/11 To Deflect Questions About Iowa Loss

  • We must understand that satano-nazi-freemason-goth-illuminist-elite-cult members are themselves mind controlled Jekyll and Hyde-personalities who maybe all have killed other people-and f.ex. some of them kill themselves as a sacrifice to Satan?

    Rudy Invokes 9/11 To Deflect Questions About Iowa Loss

  • I consider that maybe torture should be done only to highest illuminists and in Denmark to danish government members like prime minister and justice minister, DF-party members, illuminist-freemasons, and police chiefs and police officers of GLADSAXE, Glostrup and København-Copenhagen and PET, NEC+ (Jesuit/CIA, MI6 or PET-NEC?)

    Rudy Invokes 9/11 To Deflect Questions About Iowa Loss

  • It is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man and it is gradually instituting political power-sharing amongst its Member States, cooperation amongst institutions and a legal system which is both cosmopolitan and people-centred.

    Quote Of The Day

  • In this respect, theatre was first of all a means – institutional as well as cultural – of some kind of a late illuminist social project, centralism, language, literature and “identity representation” included.

    Theatrical and Anti-Theatrical Aesthetics in Romania Today

  • And what about Benjamin Franklin, fresh from an illuminist workshop in Paris?

    Founding Fathers vs. Church Fathers

  • Page 112, Volume 4 illuminist theory of benevolence, in opposition to utilitarian ethics, served as a sanction for a vigorous reform movement and for civil disobedience to the fugitive slave laws.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Among the guests was one Hasenkamp, a pietistic illuminist, who suddenly, when the company was in the full flow of amicable conversation, turned to Goethe and asked him if he were the Herr

    The Youth of Goethe


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