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  • n. Plural form of imager.


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  • There are a variety of scales available in "visible" light imaging, from 0.5 meter scale to 100-meter scale; the highest scale imagers will re-image Apollo landing sites to look at micrometeorite-induced changes.

    The LRO Launch Slip NASA Has Still Not Announced Yet - NASA Watch

  • Codonics sells disc publishers and supplies under the name Virtua, and DatCard sells Smartline imagers and PacsCube disc publishers.

    FDA preemption argument loses again

  • She also contained the sort of roadside imagers needful for analyzing the berms of Krasnikov tubes when sliding through uncharted roads probing for unmarked exits.

    April 5th, 2009

  • The federal government has also inked agreements with American Science & Engineering of Massachusetts for dozens of vehicle X-ray scanners that operate similar to airport body imagers by exposing the contents of passing vehicles without requiring a physical search inside, as Elevated Risk reported last September.

    G.W. Schulz: SBInet Is Dead, But Don't Expect an End to Costly Border Surveillance

  • Magnetic-resonance imagers that share data over the Internet will be the size and cost of blow-dryers, allowing easy follow-up care.

    Let's Hope the Robots Are Nice

  • MGS MOC (NA & WA), Mars Express HRSC, MRO HiRISE, MRO CTX, MRO MARCI, are all push-broom ... most orbital imagers are push-broom, most landed imagers are 2D.

    LRO Image Availability Update - NASA Watch

  • The team works closely with detectives, the department's K-9 bloodhounds and helicopter unit, and uses a variety of equipment, such as thermal imagers, dirt bikes, bicycles and ATVs.

    Fairfax County police team trained to find missing, endangered people

  • The four experts first sent a letter to the White House back in April expressing concern that whole-body imagers could result in the skin sustaining "dangerously high" doses of radiation due to the unique technology being used.

    G.W. Schulz: Pat-down Protesters Tangled With the TSA Online

  • Now the TSA is rolling out these ultra-revealing imagers across the country in an attempt to uncover hidden threats like the so-called underwear bomb found on a Detroit-bound flight last Christmas.

    Has Airport Security Gone Too Far?

  • The feud began, according to a Miami-Dade Police Department report, after Mr. Negrin ' s training session with one of the agency ' s whole-body imagers.

    Has Airport Security Gone Too Far?


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