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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of imbrue.
  • adj. Stained with blood; wounded, bloody.
  • adj. Stained with blood.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From imbrue +‎ -ed.


  • My music is a Cannon, a pitched field my stage, Furies the actors, blood and vengeance the scene, death the story, a sword imbrued with blood, the pen that writes, and the poet a terrible buskined < 17 > tragical fellow, with a wreath about his head of burning match instead of bays.

    The Noble Spanish Soldier

  • "Alas, a sword imbrued in the blood of your country!

    Cinq Mars — Complete

  • A highly popular murder had been committed, and Mr. Wopsle was imbrued in blood to the eyebrows.

    Great Expectations

  • The anvil chorus of the gnathonic media and their coprophagic gossip columnists soi-disant "journalists" whose conservative exudates have imbrued the age with their mephitic poison, one that might yet prove fatal to us all—may just this once be muted, there being little further to be gained from their unguinous ministrations.

    Black day in July

  • If ones hears the rumbling approach of a runaway train, why should one's panic be lessened by the knowledge that the engineer, conductor, crew, and passengers abroad the train are well medicated, and, as a result, are all models of self-esteem and self-confidence, are imbrued with glowing good cheer, and are at peace with themselves and the world?

    The Rise of Pharmatopia

  • There never was a child (unless Master James) but has hunted gold, and been a pirate, and a military commander, and a bandit of the mountains; but has fought, and suffered shipwreck and prison, and imbrued its little hands in gore, and gallantly retrieved the lost battle, and triumphantly protected innocence and beauty.

    Memories and Portraits

  • A small portion of a thread imbrued in the virus (as in the old method of inoculating the smallpox) and laid upon the slightly incised skin might probably prove a successful way of giving the disease; or the cutis might be exposed in a minute point by an atom of blistering plaster, and the virus brought in contact with it.

    On Vaccination Against Smallpox

  • A thread imbrued in some of this matter was sent to me, and with it two children were inoculated, whose cases I shall transcribe from my notes.

    On Vaccination Against Smallpox

  • They neither use table, stool, or table-cloth for comeliness: but when they are imbrued with blood, knuckle deep, and their knives in like sort, they use their tongues as apt instruments to lick them clean; in doing whereof they are assured to lose none of their victuals.

    The North-West Passage

  • "I am persuaded that this is a righteous judgement of God upon these barbarous wretches, who have imbrued their hands in so much innocent blood."

    The Pamphleteers Protestant Champion: Viewing Oliver Cromwell Through the Media of his Day


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