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  • n. A broad-spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic


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  • You are wrong to state that "resistance to imipenem is proof that multiple evolutionary steps can be skipped in nature."

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  • Either that, or the resistance to imipenem is proof multiple evolutionary steps can be skipped in nature.

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  • The reason is that neither single nor double point mutations to the enzyme allowed it to destroy the certain antibiotic (called "imipenem").

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  • (CTZ), the carbapenems such as imipenem and meropenem, and to a lesser degree amoxicillin-clavulanate, remain the backbone of current initial or intensive phase melioidosis treatment.

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  • The carbapenems, available since the 1970s, which include imipenem and meropenem among others.


  • Well heck if you/he admit that resistance in question (to imipenem) evolves, then the origin of imipenem resistance is not a failed "test" of standard evolutionary theory and the whole example is pointless except as an observation that strengthens standard evolutionary theory.

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  • Behe & fans, however, appear to have misread Hall to say that imipenem resistance couldn't evolve at all, or at least is wildly improbable.

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  • These results predict, with 99.9% confidence, that blaIMP-1 will not evolve to confer increased resistance to imipenem

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  • Behe's only point in bringing up imipenem in the first place is to point to another researcher who acknowledges that multiple, coordinated mutations are likely beyond what evolution can reasonably achieve.

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  • It is clear from this study that the risks associated with the presence of blaIMP-1 do not include the risk of evolving increased activity against imipenem.

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