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  • noun Plural form of imitator.


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  • Impressionism had two main American imitators, both of whose works will be displayed at the

    Broward-Palm Beach New Times | Complete Issue

  • 117 The Italians were oppressed by the strength and number of their ancient auxiliaries: the century after the deaths of Petrarch and Boccace was filled with a crowd of Latin imitators, who decently repose on our shelves; but in that aera of learning it will not be easy to discern a real discovery of science, a work of invention or eloquence, in the popular language of the country.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • But when you look at the totality of what Ashby accomplished — the social and political dimensions that all his films explored, the blunt honesty of their expression — Anderson’s work can’t help but come up short, just as the work of Anderson’s imitators is overshadowed by the genuine article.

    Anderson v. Ashby « Gerry Canavan

  • Fearing to be called imitators, artists seek new and devious routes, and fly from the pure and beautiful nature of which their predecessors have made so much advantage.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • The Renaissance introduced a new thesis which although of doubtful value was, nevertheless, rich in consequences; the object of imitation should be not only nature but also, and foremost, those who were its best imitators, that is, the Ancients.


  • Success breeds imitation, and the imitators are a weariness.

    My Contemporaries In Fiction

  • Faust., xviii, 7: The tares the Lord expounds to mean, not as Manichaeus interprets, certain spurious parts inserted among the true Scriptures, but all the children of the Evil one, that is, the imitators of the fraud of the Devil.

    Catena Aurea - Gospel of Matthew

  • It was also a movie that spawned an entire subgenre of "Die Hard on a..." imitators: "Die Hard on a Boat/Plane/Train" “Under Siege”, “Passenger 57”, “Under Siege 2”.

    YesButNoButYes: "Die" Another Way

  • Beaumont and Fletcher were the "imitators," not Shakspere.

    The Critics Versus Shakspere A Brief for the Defendant

  • He will not become slothful who keeps always the end in view; hope is the means of ensuring this. followers -- Greek, "imitators"; so in Eph 5: 1, Greek; 1Co 11: 1. patience -- Greek, "long-suffering endurance."

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible


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