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  • adv. In an immoral manner, not morally, wrongly.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. In an immoral manner; wickedly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In an immoral manner; in violation of morality; viciously; licentiously.

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  • adv. without regard for morality


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immoral +‎ -ly


  • Then we attempted to build more powerful fighting vessels, and as there was a section of the public which regarded battle-ships as possessing a name immorally suggestive of violence, we compromised by calling the new ships armored cruisers, and making them combine with exquisite nicety all the defects and none of the virtues of both types.

    VII. The War of America the Unready

  • A person who acts "immorally" is by definition not acting out of a belief in any moral code, theistic or atheistic.

    Radical Atheist

  • This idea, that all of us are responsible for our actions and cannot offer excuses when we act immorally, is one of the most important contributions of religion to society.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Sexual License of the 1960s Does Not Excuse Pedophile Priests

  • The obvious implication was that if the Nazi had been a Christian, the Jew's statement would have made him reconsider and not act immorally.

    Berlinski's Wisdom

  • Only the likes of Ramsey Clark claimed that NATO acted illegitimately, much less immorally.

    Obama Falls Into a U.N. Trap

  • Next week I will begin a series of columns on the Bowles-Simpson Commission proposal -- and why I believe it represents the best, and only, hope for stopping the credit card addiction that immorally, in my judgment, leaves our children and grandchildren to pay for our lack of fiscal discipline.

    Lanny Davis: The Fair Tax -- At Least Worth a Debate?

  • If Rep. Wilson is considered "decent" after the disgraceful dishonesty in such a disrespectful manner, many Americans would not want to see the interpretation of "immorally rude."

    Heckler Wilson 'a decent guy' with lock on district, observers say

  • But, over the last thirty years banks have aggressively moved into riskier businesses like investment banking, securities trading and merchant banking which are intensely more competitive with much greater leverage and thus have much greater pressures to cut corners and act immorally, unethically and criminally to maximize profits and bonuses.

    John R. Talbott: Why No Banksters Have Been Arrested

  • You wanted to talk to me about morality, and I say that a state that does not protect itself is acting immorally.

    Matthew Yglesias » After the Two-State Solution

  • I think people like Charles Schumer will always keep silent on Israeli atrocities and it is immorally double standard.

    Schumer asks for U.N. condemnation of Libya


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