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  • n. A laboratory technique that makes use of the binding between an antigen and its homologous antibody in order to identify and quantify the specific antigen or antibody in a sample.

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  • n. A test for the presence of a substance using the reaction of an antibody to its antigen, making use of the high selectivity of components of biological immune systems.

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  • n. identification of a substance (especially a protein) by its action as an antigen


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immuno- +‎ assay


  • By swabbing the walls with this immunoassay kit , of course!

    CSI Kitchen Table — The Latest Home Test Kits

  • For about $80, you can get an EIA (or enzyme immunoassay), which determines whether your blood contains antibodies to hepatitis C. Doctors normally confirm a positive test result with a second antibody test called RIBA.

    Do You Have Hepatitis C?

  • Signs were frequently up, in bright neon colors, asking for young men and women to drink alcohol and give blood for an immunoassay, drink alcohol and enter a driving simulator, drink alcohol and take a quiz.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • The second test, known as the EIA enzyme immunoassay, takes from one to two weeks, and is usually the test found in most home kits.

    Getting Pregnant

  • Serological tests such as enzyme-linked immunoassay (the "ELISA" or "EIA" methods) may demonstrate the presence of specific IgM antibodies to the virus.

    Chapter 2

  • IgG and IgM antibodies may be detected in serum by enzyme-linked immunoassay (the "ELISA" or "EIA" methods) from about day six of illness.

    Chapter 2

  • But that was using immunoassay and thin-layer chromatography.


  • The AIDS virus may be detected by two medical tests, the enzyme-linked immunoassay test ELISA or the confirmatory test, the Western blot.

    Law In The Health and Human Services

  • A good example is the immunoassay center, which was conceived as a research and production center.

    Castro's Science Day Ceremony Speech

  • We are applying it, and it began as I said with the immunoassay center.

    Castro's Science Day Ceremony Speech


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