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  • n. The use of immunological techniques to identify the location of molecules or other structures within cells or tissues


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  • Consistent with a specific function of Dync1h1 within the outer segment, immunolocalization showed that this protein and other subunits of Dynein1 and Dynactin localized to the ciliary axoneme of the outer segment, in addition to their predicted inner segment localization.

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  • To begin answering the question of how the resurrection fern does it, Balsamo, Layton, and colleagues began a multi-pronged approach using western blotting, a technique that can detect relative levels of different proteins over a time; immunolocalization, a technique that can - latest science and technology news stories

  • A coccolithophorid calcifying vesicle with a vacuolar-type ATPase proton pump: cloning and immunolocalization of the V

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  • MEF2A and MEF2D immunolocalization in the cochlea of Igf1

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  • To determine if PR-ab mRNA is translated at the level of the protein, we performed immunolocalization of the nuclear PR with an antibody designed to recognize both chicken A and B isoforms

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  • Again, we demonstrate, via mRNA expression and protein immunolocalization of the progesterone receptor, that the CAM is capable of modulating P4 activity.

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  • Finally, we quantified mRNA expression and performed protein immunolocalization of the progesterone receptor in the CAM.

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  • Frozen sections were required for immunolocalization with FLAG® antibodies, whereas histology and all other immunostaining procedures were performed using paraffin-embedded sections.

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  • CatSper2 −/− sperm lack both CatSper1 and CatSper2 proteins, yet they retain normal immunolocalization of Ca Evoked [Na+] i rise requires CatSper2.

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  • Murphy MB, Levi SK, Egelhoff TT (1999) Molecular characterization and immunolocalization of Dictyostelium discoideum protein phosphatase 2A.

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