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  • n. The gradual deterioration of the immune system caused by the ageing process.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

immuno- +‎ senescence


  • The overall decline in immune function is called immunosenescence.

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  • As if equine Cushing's, metabolic syndrome, laminitis, and insulin resistance weren't enough to worry about in our aging horses, we can now add "immunosenescence" and News

  • Santoro A, Bellavista E, Bonafe M, Monti D, et al. (2003) Immunoproteasomes and immunosenescence.

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  • One of the strengths of our study is the low CMV-positivity rate (54%) in a relatively older population, which allows us to separate the effects of age and CMV status on immunosenescence.

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  • Future studies should focus on defining the potential role of the CMV-specific inflammatory response in non-AIDS morbidity and mortality, including immunosenescence.

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  • Why are immunosenescence and inflammaging important? News

  • A better understanding of immunosenescence and machanisms responsible for proven deleterious changes is needed to maintain a healthy state in later life and to design possible therapeutic interventions.

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  • The chronological age at which immunosenescence becomes clinically important is known to be influenced by many factors, including the pathogen load to which individuals are exposed throughout life.

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  • It is proposed here that the cancer antigen load may have a similar effect on "immune exhaustion" and that pathogen load and tumor load may act additively to accelerate immunosenescence.

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