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  • n. Any of several machines or devices in which a part impacts on another, or on a material


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  • Frankly, I think a major impactor is probably the most likely. abb1 says:

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  • The impactor is expected to make a spectacular, football field-sized crater, seven to 15 stories deep, in the speeding comet.

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  • Keith's note: Hmm, LCROSS is an "impactor" - something that will crash into the moon at high speed.

    NASA Watch: Space Science News: June 2009 Archives

  • Carried aboard the impactor will be a standard mini-CD containing the names of comet, space and other enthusiasts from around the world.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Send Your Name to a Comet!

  • The best guess is that the impactor was a comet that measured perhaps a quarter of a mile (half a kilometer) wide. Community

  • NASA's Deep Impact space probe — which shares its name with a 1998 film about an asteroid that nearly destroys Earth — fires an 820-pound "impactor" today that will travel at 22,817 miles per hour into the Tempel-1 comet to collect scientific data.


  • With the flyby stage of the two-part spacecraft watching from a safe distance, an 820-pound, copper-core "impactor" craft smashed into the nucleus of comet Tempel 1 at 23,000 miles per hour, sending a huge, bright spray of debris into space...

    "Deep Impact" has "deep impact."

  • It is sent with an "impactor" that crashes near the moon's south pole.

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  • NASA's mission to fire a high velocity "impactor" rocket into the moon to search for water is being widely criticized in the blogosphere.

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  • It is especially timely as India launched an 11-payload mission to the Moon on Oct. 22, and the 1st payload, an "impactor" has successfully been sent to the surface, last Friday, sending pictures on the way down.

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