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  • adv. In an impassive manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In an impassive manner; without sensibility to pain or suffering; without sign of feeling or sensibility.

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  • adv. in an impassive manner


impassive +‎ -ly (Wiktionary)


  • "I don't know anything," impassively; "unless it is that I wouldn't be in your shoes if I got a dollar for every cent you've made out of this cursed business."

    Where the Trail Divides

  • It's been a great year-long event that has encouraged taking a role in worship so you're not just receiving God's word impassively, "Clavette said.

    News from

  • The president sought to woo Republicans in his speech, noting that 50 House Republicans have proposed the same payroll tax cut for small businesses, and citing a bridge in need of repair between Kentucky and Ohio — home to McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner, who sat impassively behind him.

    Obama unveils $447B jobs package

  • The class sat there impassively when the professor said I had done the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, commercials, lots of prestigious things.

    Tribute: Lost in Space's Dick Tufeld

  • During the nearly ten minutes it took her to get through the story, Parker listened impassively, trying not to betray his anger and concern at this unwelcome news.

    Gideon’s war

  • The baby who watches impassively as his mother leaves the room and barely acknowledges her return might well turn out to be the man who has difficulty creating intimacy with a lover, who has trouble forming a long-term attachment, and who avoids the kinds of closeness so important to long-lasting love.

    Red Flags or Red Herrings?

  • It stared at me impassively, and then pulled back the hood of the cloak to reveal azure scaled skin and cat-slit eyes.

    Brush of Darkness

  • Robert watched me impassively, mockingly waving one hand in a warped form of misplaced gallantry as we mounted the stairs to my apartment.

    Brush of Darkness

  • Holly said nothing; she watched Hannah impassively.

    A Light at Winter’s End

  • And impassively the merchant stood there until the Taliban was through with his diatribe and said, 'Well I'm sorry that I don't have water for you and I forgive you for all of the insults you've levied against me, my family, my country.

    Edward Klein: The Jewish Problem With Obama: Part Three of Five


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