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  • n. Plural form of impasto.


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  • Utah-based landscape painter Brad Teare has just launched a blog with some nice explanatory videos called "Thick Paint" about painting with heavy impastos.

    Thick Paint Blog

  • Because it is usually said that transparency is adviceable in shadows and impastos in bright spots.

    Classifying Values

  • I like both extremes if they're handled well--or best of all a good variety within a single painting--but this debate certainly goes back to the 1880s or so when the Salon juries were complaining about impastos "which please only the colormen."

    The Hard Road to Dreams

  • He is every bit as serious as forebears like de Kooning, but his series of concentric squares, radiating from the lower right of the canvas to the top left, represents a hard-edged riposte to the anarchic, even orgiastic impastos of Pollock.

    The Medium Is the Message

  • May I say that if I have done an injustice to Van Meegeren's "daring color harmonies and buttery impastos" I'll eat my hat.

    Forger's Justice

  • In remarking that these pictures are "exquisitely painted," I was giving Van Meegeren his due as a technician, specifically referring to his daring color harmonies and buttery impastos — factors that cannot be judged on the basis of the small black-and-white illustrations provided in my book.

    Forger's Justice

  • They were more portable than oil or water colors as consistently effective color containers and watercolor cakes were late eighteenth or early nineteenth-century inventions. 36 Unlike washes or body colors, pastels offered the possibility of a wide range of effects, from oil-like impastos to delicate translucency.

    The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

  • In the second row of test swatches I experimented with Wingel and Oleopasto, two Winsor and Newton products that are designed for quick drying impastos.

    Paint Texture

  • Comparing David Dawson's snapshot of the sitter in the studio and Freud's finished portrait panel, one learns that Queen Elizabeth, who quite fittingly sat for the onetime fan of the pharaohs in 2001, might be seen as a mildly vivacious old lady, rather than as a contorted knot of impastos.

    The Way to All Flesh

  • The canvases that the vivid studies generated are exciting, with their ragged impastos, their swoops of orange and dull blue, and their unstable reflections, but the intimacy and intensity of the watercolors can't be beat.

    Encountering the Sublime:


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