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  • adj. Engrafted, eked, implanted; supplemented by imping.
  • n. A creature without feet.

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  • n. An animal without feet.


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Coined on Latinate roots (im- + -ped) by Richard Owen in 1861 as a calque of Aristotle’s Ancient Greek ἀπούς (apous).

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imp +‎ -ed


  • "imped" to-morrow; and of the relative merits of the "varvels" or little silver rings at the end of the jesses through which the leash ran, and the Dutch swivel that Squire Blackett always used.

    By What Authority?

  • It is my belief that having a martial affair does not imped ones ability to lead and history is full of examples that supports this belief.

    Edwards: "If You Want To Beat Me Up -- Feel Free"

  • All environmental, worker rights laws, safety laws, minimum wage laws and injury laws will be eliminated if the corporations determine they imped profits.

    The Coming Continent of Fascism

  • The suggestion that the President violated section 1503's prohibition on "influenc [ing], obstruct [ing], or imped [ing] the due administration of justice" is groundless.

    Submission By Counsel For President Clinton To The Committee

  • The newly-imped feather held, feeling and acting entirely as strong as any of the undamaged ones.

    The Black Gryphon

  • "The word on the lines is'stalemate, " said Skan, as Amberdrake imped in one of his old feathers on the shaft of a broken primary.

    The Black Gryphon

  • Christian Worship (London, 1904); FEIJE, De imped. et disp. matrim.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery

  • "I have joined the wing, father, and I have imped the feathers; but I fear it will be Christmas ere she can fly again."

    Sir Nigel

  • And till her Majesty, that knows I was never bird of prey, finds it to agree with her will and her service that my wings should be imped again, I have committed myself to the mire.


  • Why would anyone pick a boxset of G imped console with a g imped game?

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets


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