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  • n. Plural form of impedance.


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  • The claim that insufficient progress and perceived favoritism “significantly impede” the US mission in the region does not entail that the mission will succeed if only these impedances disappear.

    Matthew Yglesias » ADL Hits Petraeus

  • As I mentioned, "impedance matching" refers to an "equality" of two impedances.

    A Decade Spanning Single Exchange

  • As noted numerous times on this blog and elsewhere, when adding impedances, the result is a logarithmic decrease in power/energy.

    Letter to NAS « Climate Audit

  • And here we pass beyond the competence of philosophy, whose main competence, in this area, is to clear away certain objections, impedances, and obstacles to

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • Under mixed conditions (complex impedances) the unidirectional and oscillating energy flows will superimpose.

    1. Phasor diagram

  • This depends solely on the impedances, the kind of loads in the system.

    1. Phasor diagram

  • Creation of sub-systems and increase of the resistance of the system impedances.

    8. Protective, control and supervisory systems as important additional equipment for power installations

  • CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: Equipment modifications or adjustments necessary to match transmission levels and impedances and which equalizes transmission and delay to bring circuit losses, levels, and distortion within established standards.

    The Official Phreaker's Manual version 1.1 by The Jammer and Jack the Ripper

  • Lattice's ispClock devices can be programmed in-system to generate multiple clock frequencies, compensate each output for differences in clock trace lengths, precisely match trace impedances and drive clock nets with different signaling requirements.

  • PCB (printed-circuit-board) design, including materials and impedances, is also critical in RF designs and their performance.

    Gadget Freak Files


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