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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of impend.


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  • In that respect private capitalism under a consolidated plutocracy, such as impended at the time of the Revolution, would have been a worse threat to the world's future than the competitive system; but as to the immediate bearings of the two systems on human welfare, private capital in the consolidated form might have had some points of advantage.


  • He knew the prod of impulse to join in this rush away from some unthinkably catastrophic event that impended and that stirred his intuitive apprehensions of death.


  • Then he identified the noise, know that no harm impended, and resumed his stealthy advance on the Irish terrier.


  • Placing the can carefully upon the ground between his legs, he covered it with his hat and waited anxiously whatever impended.


  • Just a hit of a jerk spoiled his dancing -- a jerk that did not occur, usually, but that always impended.


  • Once the right to graze on the commons is assigned, the owner has the economic incentive to allow the maximum number of cows on the grasslands to maximize profit, but halt grazing at the precise point where future profitability is impended by overgrazing.

    Matthew Bergman: The Roads of Africa: Moving Beyond the Tragedy of the Commons

  • But no immediate danger impended — the Countess was in a strong castle, under the protection of a Prince, at once respectable for his secular and venerable for his ecclesiastical authority.

    Quentin Durward

  • I do think it's far more possible now than it was in 2006 when the Iraq report came in saying we were losing the war and catastrophe impended.

    CNN Transcript May 28, 2008

  • The sense of hearing, no less than the sense of sight, was troubled by having to wait so long for the change, whatever it might be, that impended.

    No Thoroughfare

  • But as the evening grew darker and darker, and the great city impended nearer and nearer, the doubts usual in such cases began to arise.

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood


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