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  • adv. Not noticeably, too small to be detected, too little to be perceived.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In an imperceptible manner; so as not to be perceived.

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  • adv. in an imperceptible manner or to an imperceptible degree


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imperceptible +‎ -ly


  • Highly dominant, moderately dominant, and what I call imperceptibly dominant or submissive.

    CNN Transcript Apr 8, 2007

  • Clark smiled almost imperceptibly, that is his face expressed an inward amusement because a number of tiny lines wrinkled into being at the corners of his gray eyes, and his lips pushed out ever so slightly.

    The Rapids

  • Cornelius or Schnorr (imperceptibly, that is to say), and reminiscences are poured out slowly while the smoke puffs from the pipes.

    Cousin Pons

  • Barber says he has slowed "imperceptibly" but his body is slower to recover.

    With retirement looming, Tiki's balances NFL with his next career in the media

  • But if only the youngest cohort in society changes and then persists in that new direction throughout their own life cycle, society as a whole changes inexorably but almost imperceptibly, like a massive supertanker changing course.

    American Grace

  • But, imperceptibly, my need for alcohol took form and began to grow.

    Chapter 29

  • Slowly the gray light came stealing through the gloom, imperceptibly at first, so that it was almost with surprise that they noticed the vague loom of the trail underfoot.

    Chapter IV

  • And the thing began so imperceptibly that I, old intimate of John Barleycorn, never dreamed whither it was leading me.

    Chapter 29

  • Daylight's muscles tautened a second time, and this time in earnest, until steadily all the energy of his splendid body was applied, and quite imperceptibly, without jerk or strain, the bulky nine hundred pounds rose from the door and swung back and forth, pendulum like, between his legs.

    Chapter III

  • Almost imperceptibly they lagged, and foot by foot Big



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