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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of imperialize.


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  • Charlemagne, which was to rise in the "imperialized" church.

    The Duchess of Berry and the Court of Charles X

  • We now have a situation where most of the third world is being imperialized and exploited, much like it was in the days of the great European empires.

    The Great 2009 Bank Rescue Plan And Coup

  • Think of America as a third world country that is about to be imperialized and devoured by the global banking elite andyou'reclose to the mark.

    The Great 2009 Bank Rescue Plan And Coup

  • The big worry is that your sons' names will get imperialized by girls, with traumatic consequences as famously described by Johnny Cash.

    Name Fads

  • She found him touching in his ignorance of everything-partying, love, money-felt worldly and desperately caring for this moment of boyhood among his ways imperialized and set (he was 33), his pre-Austerity, in which Scorpia figured as his Last Fling-though herself too young to know that, to know, like Pirate, what the lyrics to "Dancing in the Dark" are really about ....

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • When the Greek communities became decadent they fell under foreign dominion; Rome imperialized the republic, but never forgot how to rule well in her municipalities; the Germans passed on their democratic ways to the English, and from that source they were brought to America.

    Society Its Origin and Development

  • Though Pakistan is developing on other fronts of IT projects, it is equally important to develop our country�s defense at the same time, to leave with pride and respect in this imperialized world.


  • Not: …. like a people who imperialized, murdered and conquered all the countries around them throughout their Muslim history but learned THIS:

    Woman Honor Thyself

  • You can say “excrement” because it’s a Norman French word, and the French imperialized the English language way back in 1066.

    A Personal History of Profanity | Mind on Fire


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