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  • n. Plural form of impetus.


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  • And so that was one of the big impetuses for looking for telomerase, which was to try to see how the cells answer the question of how their incomplete replication problem gets solved.

    Elizabeth H. Blackburn - Interview

  • With authoritative and affective warp, you're dealing with duty and desire, the ethical and emotional impetuses that are driving the narrative, challenges that confront the character with a clusterfuck of deontic and boulomaic quirks, or quirks that are themselves responses to that clusterfuck.

    Modality and Hamlet

  • In hours and hours of testimony the impetuses to cheat were the same: nearly impossible targets, job security, fear of public humiliation, and to a lesser extent, money.

    Investigators in Atlanta cheating scandal discuss culture of corruption

  • I want my words and stories to be the impetuses that tempt and, ultimately, convince readers to buy.

    Pick up lines

  • Another possible reason for appeal concerns the impetuses for wiretapping Edwards in the first place.


  • Objectivist ethics may be based on rational egoism but still are driven by good or evil impetuses.

    Robbie Gennet: Who Isn't John Galt? Part 2

  • For all of the post-election media chatter about our post-racial world -- one of the underlying impetuses, if I'm being honest with myself, for our move -- I wonder if my generation, which is more or less Obama's generation, will ever be able to fully embrace colorblindness.

    Deborah Copaken Kogan: There Goes the Neighborhood

  • We are humans after all, with intellect that takes into account sociological impetuses as well as personal well-being.

    Procrastinating real work...

  • Wright has a helpful treatment of authority, in which he suggests that the authority of the Bible and Christian tradition is like the authority of earlier chapters in a novel: characters do not simply repeat things they do in earlier chapters, but their actions in subsequent parts of the story carry forward the directions and impetuses of what went before.

    What is Christianity?

  • Some feared that any less-aggressive monetary easing could prop up the dollar and take away one of the recent impetuses for buying gold.

    Oil Slides 2.6%, to $115.63,


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