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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of impinge.


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  • In truth, the public interest is so thin in revealing them that most of the time press lawyers have abandoned making public interest arguments for disclosure – rather resorting to Article 10 of the European Convention that gives people the right to "freedom of expression", without acknowledging that one person's freedom is circumscribed when it impinges on another's.

    Sex, killers, and the twisted narrative of the superinjunction

  • It is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of religion or belief and the law does not entitle people to apply such beliefs in a way which impinges upon other people, even if they claim that their religion or belief requires them to act in this way.

    Doctors' anti-abortion views could impact on women's access to service

  • Bennett: Whether an Arizona campaign-finance law that gives extra funds to candidates who participate in the public-financing system when their opponents who don't participate spend money beyond a certain limit impinges on the speech rights of the privately funded candidates.

    Supreme Court cases left to cram into term

  • A development that impinges on trees requires approval from forestry officials, one on the coast from environment bureaucrats.

    Ailing Greece Tries National Tag Sale

  • You can know only that much of the play and interplay of force and matter as impinges in one way or another on our senses.

    Chapter 36

  • The question is whether the law that triggers a second set of public matching funds, beyond an initial lump sum, impinges on the opponents' free speech by discouraging them from spending extra money in their campaigns.

    Ariz. campaign-finance case brings out sharp divisions

  • The idea that people have a right to paid vacations, central heating, and a college education, for example, would have been unthinkable throughout most of human history ... my freedom to have my teeth fixed impinges on my dentist's freedom to sit at home and read the paper.

    I Heart Steven Pinker, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • If a tyrant were to misunderstand this to promise political freedom, and from that freedom build a government that impinges constantly on inalienable human rights, his government would be torn down by the same Declaration that he falsely used to justify its construction.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Change I Can Believe In

  • Given that our 24/7 society increasingly impinges on the lives of many people, it is important to consider what effects changes in sleep duration may have on health and wellbeing in the long term.

    Sleep changes associated with loss of brain power in middle age

  • Innovation impinges upon economics from outside, therefore unexplainable / Innovation is at the core of its economic model

    Ian Fletcher: How to Think Our Way Out of Our Trade Crisis


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