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  • adv. In an importunate manner; with persistent or urgent solicitation.

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  • In an importunate manner; with persistent or urgent solicitation.

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  • adv. in a beseeching manner


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importunate +‎ -ly


  • They "made remembrance of sins" (ver. 3), writing always anew upon the conscience of the worshipper the certainty that sin, in its form of guilt, is a tremendous reality in the court of God, that it calls importunately for propitiation, while yet animal propitiations can never, by their very nature, be really propitiatory of themselves.

    Messages from the Epistle to the Hebrews

  • Wishing to have all on our side, we often leave those we should keep by us, run after those we should avoid, and call importunately on others who sit quiet and will not come.

    Imaginary Conversations and Poems A Selection

  • At length the Jew coming home to his house, and calling importunately for his money, Dr. Faustus made him this answer: "Jew, I have no money, nor know I how to pay thee; but notwithstanding to the end thou mayst be contented, I will cut off a limb of my body, be it arm or leg, and the same thou shalt have in pawn for thy money; yet with this condition, that when I shall pay thee thy money again, then thou shalt give me my limb."

    Mediaeval Tales

  • It is for this purpose, you have been so importunately hurried; Lord O'Lerney wishing to make the first news that is sent to Sir Hugh Tyrold less alarming, by stating, at once, what he can communicate concerning Mr.Macdersey. '


  • The Sinkanders, meanwhile, enjoyed a respite from Mattauwers 'attacks, which they used to fight against an enemy to the south called Tampsui. 27 They asked the company for assistance: "The missionaries Candidius and Junius ... told the governor that the Sinkanders ... have importunately and insistently asked for our help against those of Tampsui."

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • The old woman, holding out her hand importunately, stopped to beg of Mrs Skewton.

    Dombey and Son

  • After this, providing you with the fourfold wings of the quadrivials that ye might be winged like the seraphs and so mount above the cherubim, we sent you to a friend at whose door, if only ye importunately knocked, ye might borrow the three loaves of the

    The Love of Books : The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury

  • And Mohammad al-Fayed came at her always, you know, importunately saying, you know, showering her with flowers and gifts and come and stay in my villa in the south of France.

    CNN Transcript Jun 12, 2007

  • Everyone will not buy your books and more importunately, it is impossible to market to "everyone."

    Successful Self-publishing - Key questions for authors #1

  • Since I ran this like a motion hearing, rather than a true debate, I took the importunately to ask him questions and challenge his argument.

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