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  • n. Plural form of improbability.


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  • This horrifying tale abounds in improbabilities — above all, the fact that a month or two later Beauchamp sees the same kid back on the same streets, hanging around Americans and waiting for handouts, smiling happily and sprinting after a soccer ball.

    Fact Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self

  • Mr. Hume states the ease of miracles to be a contest of opposite improbabilities, that is to say, a question whether it be more improbable that the miracle should be true, or the testimony false: and this I think a fair account of the controversy.

    Evidence of Christianity

  • Instead he reeled off a list of "improbabilities," a list which could have come straight out of an Intelligent Design talking points memo.

    My Aha! Moment

  • His lawyer, KP Pawar, has said the confession was "nothing but a manipulated and fabricated document of the prosecution" and that he had shown the "improbabilities" of the case against his client.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • Nixon gave a series of speeches on the investigation, and though each one was riddled with improbabilities, I thought the American people wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and felt, deep down, that the president of the United States could not be a felon.

    The Good Fight

  • Chase is caught between two improbabilities: his fiancee, a dying astronaut stranded on a space-station walled off from Earth by a Chinese orbital minefield, from which vantage she commands daily headlines; and Perkus Tooth, a media-obsessed Philip-K-Dickian ex-rock-critic who lives in a weed-smoke - filled cave of a rent - controlled apartment from which he obsessively watches obscure movies and reads obscure books.

    Boing Boing

  • But the ones in The Cookbook Collector do point up other improbabilities which may cause the reader to think "Oh, really?"

    The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman – review

  • I must admit, whenever an author has their characters having sex outside, unless the author acknowledges it my mind will NOT stop ticking off all the improbabilities and potential discomfort in the situation.

    Angels' Blood Countdown: Denise Rossetti - The Flame and the Shadow

  • Matt Roush: I've received a number of e-mails regarding No Ordinary Family blasting it at great length for all manner of plot inconsistencies and improbabilities.

    Ask Matt: Raising Hope, Good Wife, Glee, Walking Dead and More

  • The theory required life to clamber over some very sobering improbabilities; indeed, it seemed to require miracles.

    Think Progress » Poll: Large Number Of Texans Doubt The Theory Of Evolution, Believe In Human-Dinosaur Coexistence


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