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  • adj. remaining hidden (typically of a person)

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  • adv. quietly in concealment


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  • Gladly did she second all the movements of her husband in hiding and forwarding in her home and from her home troops of flying slaves, conducted to her home by the martyred Torry.

    Scraps of African Methodist Episcopal History

  • The sandals he gave me were still thin-soled, but they fit, and the cloth he brought for my headgear was better in hiding long hair than the loose kufjvyah my three companions wore.

    O Jerusalem

  • He had explored streams like this a lifetime ago, searching for the shy things that lived and grew and died in hiding along the water's edge; the memory of soft wet moss under his fingers and smooth squidgy mud between his toes was there with the smell, long forgotten but never forgettable ….

    War Game

  • She called her name quietly in case she was in hiding but there was no response, so at last she went back to bed, but lay awake with something nagging at her consciousness.

    St Peter's Finger

  • Morning was broadening before they came to any conclusion, but Laura had her own way, in the end, and remained in hiding whilst her employer walked back towards the stones on her way to the village of Upper Deepening from which the buses went to Cuchester and to Welsea Beaches.

    The Dancing Druids

  • One deer skitters up a game trail, another deer follows, and a komodo in hiding comes alert; it might strike the third or the fourth deer, or any unfortunate straggler that passes by too slowly or too unwarily.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Sheltered by a family friend, Crassus spent eight months in hiding from the pro-Marius provincial government.

    The Spartacus War

  • As a family we were so diligent under instruction, so adaptable, and so clever in hiding our deficiencies, that when we made the journey to Crescent Beach, in the wake of our small wagon-load of household goods, my father had very little occasion to admonish us on the way, and I am sure he was not ashamed of us.

    The Promised Land

  • Thus D Squadron RCD, whose patrols with a FOO from Z Battery 1 RCHA lay in hiding beyond the autobahn, and whose attached section of Blowpipe AD missiles stood waiting on the autobahn itself, could now confidently expect the next arrivals, apart from stragglers and refugees, to be members of the Red Army.

    First Clash

  • 'There's really not much point in hiding anything, you know,' Thanet added softly.

    No Laughing Matter


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