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  • adj. enamored
  • adj. enamored (of a person, etc)
  • adj. (informal) very fond (of an idea, etc)

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  • n. in the act of loving; -- said esp. of the love of the sexes.

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  • adj. marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness


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  • Five years ago, she had imagined herself in love with Marc Staunton, and it turned out to be an illusion.


  • Fortunately, Róisín had fallen in love with the sound of the fiddle, just as he had, with all its shades and feelings.


  • I always enjoyed welcoming foreign leaders to our country, and will always remember one visitor in particular: President Alessan-dro Pertini of Italy, eighty-four years old, bright, warm, gentlemanly, an Italian patriot who was in love with America.

    An American Life

  • Early in their marriage up in the rustic cabin at Juniper Hills, the couple had allegedly fallen in love with the theremin music.

    First Man

  • And even then, at fifteen, I found it ironic that out of the three siblings in her family who survived the war, my mother, so much in love with order and the proper way of doing things—far more than Uncle Vova or even Aunt Muza—is the only one who has had three marriages, three hasty unions, of which none seemed perfect or even good.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Ag, the second youngest in the family, fell in love at twenty-four with Bill Barrett, a good-looking, affable detective, fourteen years her senior.

    Kitchen Privileges

  • I met Mike C., wry and funny, who was desperately in love with anyone in the tenth grade who would kiss him back if he made the first move during the third act of Amelie.

    Miss Misery

  • I know this sounds insane, buthe paused and looked into my eyesI think Im falling in love with you.

    Paradise Lost

  • He knew Candy liked the stranger, just as he knew several of the New Bedford girls were in love with Stemple's nephew; as, indeed, several of them were in love with Jason himself.


  • Titus Minucius Vettius, a rich, young Roman in love with a slave girl but buried under debt, rose in revolt from his fathers estate outside of Capua.

    The Spartacus War


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