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  • They say people look like their pets; in that case Senator Bradley Cross owned a basset hound.

    Drop Shot

  • Besides, the prosecutors'll go after Hansen for killing your husband and you'll be a witness in that case too.

    The Coffin Dancer

  • There are only two completely undetectable ways which can go on safely for a long time… over-exercising, which loses the race on the gallops at home (though in that case it is always the trainer who's guilty, and people nonce and talk) … and the way I think Barty must be using, the plain old simple bucket of water. '


  • Of course, it would be easy enough to slip through at night, as I had done with the English at Torres Vedras, but I was still far from the mountain and I could not in that case reach it in time to light the midnight beacon.

    The Adventures of Gerard

  • She says Bush immediately remarked that in that case Mr Harsch would be down playing the organ that evening.

    The Key

  • And if you replace sneakers with vaccines and Nike with GlaxoSmithKline, the implications are even more starktiered pricing in that case not only taps a low-income market, but it also saves lives.

    Creative Capitalism

  • The specially-built boat, running close in, and making sure of the mark, would of course be dangerous, although the storm of shot from the quick-firing guns ought even in that case to be a tolerably adequate protection.

    Under the Dragon Flag

  • What they were dealing with in that case was a murderer operating on the grounds of the Beadle Mansion.

    Whispers At Midnight

  • If what youre buying is bragging rights that you do goodand those have value, therefore its justified in terms of your imposition on the shareholderswell, in that case you dont deserve the bragging rights.

    Creative Capitalism

  • Secondly, you told me that a Negro that got fired from the garage is suspected of doing it to annoy the management, but in that case it was just a coincidence that he picked fountain pen Crisler for a target both times?

    Too Many Cooks


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