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  • n. Plural form of inamorato.


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  • I will further predict that young women, repulsed by the grizzle, will embrace tradition, and demand a clean shave before dancing cheek to cheek with their inamoratos.

    Michael Jones: Cowboys and Aliens

  • Provided always that this malady proceed not from overmuch study; for in such case he adds fuel to the fire, and nothing can be more pernicious: let him take heed he do not overstretch his wits, and make a skeleton of himself; or such inamoratos as read nothing but play-books, idle poems, jests, Amadis de Gaul, the

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • [5496] I doubt not, therefore, but if a man had such an army of lovers (as Castilio supposeth) he might soon conquer all the world, except by chance he met with such another army of inamoratos to oppose it.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • While this taste, therefore, is so naturally prevalent, I doubt, to propose remedies for it were but giving laws to the winds, or advice to inamoratos.

    The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor Volume I, Number 3

  • Lovers might thus be converted into jewels, which, although false, could be worn with less fear of losing them than happens with living inamoratos; or, in case of extreme grief on the part of the survivers, into looking-glasses, where the mourners would find a solace in the contemplation of their own features.

    Sheppard Lee

  • The daughters were handsome; but the estate was so much handsomer, that it set all the mandolins of the Portuguese inamoratos strumming under the windows of the lady's abode from sunset to the dawn of day.

    Newton Forster The Merchant Service

  • ROMANCE proved favourable to the cause of gallantry and heroism during the dark ages, but we, thank heaven! live in more enlightened days: a lover would find occasion to repent of making such rash oaths as the inamoratos of ITALY, of SPAIN, and of PORTUGAL, formerly swore to maintain: we are too independent to permit the possibility of it; nor do we so frequently take the law into our own hands.

    Romance Readers and Romance Writers: a Satirical Novel

  • After the other persons are disposed in their proper places of rest, the goddess transports the king to her temple, and there lays him to slumber with his head on her lap; a position of marvellous virtue, which causes all the visions of wild enthusiasts, projectors, politicians, inamoratos, castle-builders, chemists, and poets.

    The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 2

  • If all the paper I have scribbled to the ladies at the time when my hand was really prompted by my passion, were now in being, there might, peradventure, be found a page worthy to be communicated to our young inamoratos, that are besotted with that fury.

    The Essays of Montaigne — Complete

  • And surely, some of our inventive readers have told their inamoratas (inamoratos) how they feel in a way only geeks can.

    Crave: The gadget blog


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