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  • n. Plural form of inanity.


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  • He is a right wing black man who voted for George W Bush in 1980 & 1984, supported the war in Iraq and makes a living peddling the kind of inanities about black people that white people like to hear.


  • Except to complain at being accused of "inanities" and of being "fucking ridiculous" your last comment was simply a restatement by other (mercifully less) words than your previous comment.


  • 'Twas good to get down to the Casa and talk inanities with various people, and a few deeper convos with others.

    Party Time, Excellent

  • I try to come up with clever things to say and instead babble inanities.

    Networking Nightmares «

  • You will not find meatloaf specials drowned in flour-based gravy and served with lumpy mashed potatoes and tasteless, overcooked green beans in these places or geezers sitting around drinking watery American sock java while yapping incessantly about inanities but what you will find is great and innovative cuisine.

    Good Places to Eat

  • The youthful Yu Hua is something of a wise guy and a schemer, pitting himself against bureaucratic inanities.

    Cultural Lexicon

  • β€œYes, of course, the whole idea is utterly inane, but to let its predictable inanities blind you to its truly fabulous and breathtaking aspects is to do both oneself and the genre a disservice.” β€”

    The Codex Continual. Official Website of Steven E. Schend

  • She could use it to challenge inanities in the general media in a format that actually reached a wide audience and got their attention.

    From Blog to Book « Tales from the Reading Room

  • The Palins and DeMints are using Williams as their poster boy to score political points and to further cow the mainstream media into silence on their blathers and inanities.

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Will NPR Cave on Williams Firing?

  • That was more than apparent in the clashes that I had with him on Fox when he instantly assumed the requisite attack dog role and jumped all over any criticism made of some of the dumbest inanities from black conservatives.

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson: NPR Should Have Booted Williams for His Fraudulent Liberalism


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