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  • adv. Indisputably; certainly, definitely; without the possibility of argument or debate.


From inarguable +‎ -ly. (Wiktionary)


  • But the judge maintained that the jurors 'ability to impartially decide an "inarguably" high-profile case could be impaired by unsolicited interruptions.

    Blagojevich Trial: Jury To Begin Deliberations

  • Complain though we may about "Saturday Night Live," the show is still the greatest training ground for comic talent around -- and Monday night's special belabors the obvious with inarguably entertaining results.

    Tom Shales reviews tonight's retrospecial,'The Women of "Saturday Night Live"'

  • Politicians, pundits, pontificators, and proselytizers are terrified to utter those words, even as they are called to the carpet for inarguably erroneous statements, nonfactual facts, denial of reality, and, well, just plain lies and don't forget damned lies and statistics.

    Dr. Jim Taylor: 3 Words We Need in Politics

  • It is inarguably one of the best shows of the festival.

    Mara Siegler: 10 Bands to See at CMJ

  • Mencken remain inarguably correct in their assessment of the public's gullibility and appetite.

    Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Season of the Witch

  • "I think inarguably anyone who is not a political hack or just trying to tear Texas down is going to say [we] have been good stewards of our state," he said.

    Can Democrats spring an upset in Texas governor's race?

  • Crosstown rival Ford also crushed it at the show, debuting the redesigned 2013 Fusion, a sleek, nearly fastbacked, inarguably lovely midsize sedan that shames styling from segment competitors Hyundai and Toyota.

    Detroit Show's Soundtrack: America the Beautiful

  • Associated Press/Ford Motor Co. The Fusion is a 'sleek, nearly fastbacked, inarguably lovely midsize sedan that shames styling from segment competitors Hyundai and Toyota,' says Mr. Neil.

    American Cars

  • And so it came to pass that in the 2000s, when much about the wider world was causing Americans intense anxiety and frustration, the one thing that got inarguably better, much better, was our personal technology.

    The Secular Prophet

  • When they plop down in front of our movie version of the "Chronicles," they're presented with four inarguably specific actors reciting inarguably specific lines, some of which—sacrilege alert!

    Script Tip: Kill Your Darlings


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