from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To embrace in or as if in the arms; encircle.


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  • Pretty women walk arm-inarm with men of fashion, their adorers, couples greet each other with a glance as they pass; how different it is from the terrace at Beaulieu!

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris

  • Gymnase, Lucien and Hector Merlin went arm-inarm to the Vaudeville.

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris

  • And, arm-inarm with his two acolytes, he barred the way to the new arrival.

    Scenes from a Courtesan's Life

  • As he rushed out of the door into the street, he ran up against three young men who were passing arm-inarm.

    The Magic Skin

  • Germany and Austria, going through similar ceremonies, walking arm-inarm, kissing on both cheeks fraternally, etc.


  • As I came into the playgrounds this morning, I saw a dashing young fellow, with a tanned face and a blond moustache, who was walking up and down the green arm-inarm with Champion Major, and followed by a little crowd of boys.

    Dr. Birch and his young friends

  • Bed doth a goddess inarm; smooth ivory glossy from Indies,

    Poems and Fragments

  • He had some fashionable acquaintances too, and you might see him walking arm-inarm with such gentlemen as my Lord Vauxhall, the Marquess of

    Mens Wives

  • And of these calm moralists, is there one, I wonder, whose heart would not throb with pleasure if he could be seen walking arm-inarm with a couple of dukes down Pall Mall?

    The Book of Snobs

  • And they did not stop once; they kept walking about the endless avenues of the park, now mounting a hill and admiring the view as they went, and now going down into the valley, and getting hidden in the thick shadows, — and all the while arm-inarm.

    The Torrents of Spring


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