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  • n. Plural form of inattention.


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  • Every man does not pretend to be a poet, a mathematician, or a statesman, and considered as such; but every man pretends to common sense, and to fill his place in the world with common decency; and, consequently, does not easily forgive those negligences, inattentions and slights which seem to call in question, or utterly deny him both these pretensions.

    Letters to his son on The Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman

  • But his immoderate taste for the high life which he shared with General Howe curled a question mark over his capacities, and even in a farewell and affectionate letter to his wife before he sailed for Boston in 1775, he felt obliged, as a self-confessed libertine, to couple his declarations of everlasting love with apologies for β€œthe levities, the inattentions, and dissipations of my common course of life.”

    Angel in the Whirlwind

  • I also want to say, just before I get into my remarks about you, the Congress is coming back next Monday, and in the weeks since they've been gone you can see that sometimes partisan activities lead to inattentions of the public's business.

    Remarks By President Regarding Empowerment Zones

  • There was no one like him for little attentions and inattentions, charming little thoughts, caressing words, and the little jealous scenes that women value.

    The Limit

  • Until dinner time he played billiards atrociously at his club; at dinner his mother sharply reproved him for flagrant inattentions; after dinner he smoked and wondered despondently.


  • Really, the way our lodger pestered my sisters and myself with his absolute inattentions is difficult to explain.

    Marge Askinforit

  • But I can assure you beforehand that there are far more nightingales than thrushes in our park; and, similarly, in your book the greater number of pages, judiciously thought out and brilliantly written, carry the day so well in worth and valor over any thinly scattered inattentions or negligences, that I join with my whole heart in the concert of praise to which you have a right.


  • The explanation of illness, however, circulated from the first moment by Mr. Ancrum, and perforce adopted -- though with an inward rage and rebellion -- by David himself, was amply sufficient to cover his omissions and inattentions, and to ease his resumption of his old place.

    The History of David Grieve

  • She had had, visibly, her idea -- that of not betraying herself by inattentions into which she had never yet fallen, and she stood there circled about and furnished forth, as always, in a manner that testified to her perfect little personal processes.

    The Golden Bowl β€” Complete

  • He had to have a _relation_, somehow expressed -- and as he was the vividest and happiest of letter-writers it rarely failed of coming; but once it was established it served him, in every case, much better than fussy challenges, which had always the drawback of involving lapses and inattentions in regard to solicitudes more pressing.

    A Small Boy and Others


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