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  • n. Plural form of incapacity.


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  • "incapacities," "incumbrance," is written on the brow of every woman they meet.

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I

  • The big question is which of these incapacities are contingent -- specific to particular conditions and institutional arrangements, and thus remediable -- and which are structural, inherent in any system of representative government.

    What can we expect of democracy?

  • Nor can they be explained by the myth of the Negro's innate incapacities, or by the more sophisticated rationalization of his acquired infirmities.

    Dedrick Muhammad: The Ongoing Struggle for Jobs and Freedom

  • Nor have I seen so many people given zero points on incapacity assessments when they have substantial incapacities among those listed, or thrown off benefits when too anxious to manage to get to a medical on the other side of London or too unwell or mentally chaotic to make it to return-to-work courses.

    Letters: On the fault lines of fractured Britain

  • Examinations by the school system, SEP, and family services, DIF, indicated no profound physical or mental incapacities -- he could hear, read, play with others, his motor skills were almost on a ten year level.

    The Calling

  • The expense of the Retraining Costs and incapacities of Labor on the left half of the Curve will always lead to overall losses to the overall Economy, in excess of the net gains of Trade.

    Economic Education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Politico's Ben Smith noted on Tuesday evening that for all her supposed incapacities as a statewide candidate, Coakley won reelection to her Attorney General's post.

    Martha Coakley Pollster Sees Exoneration In 2010 Dem Wipeout

  • CNN's Campbell Brown rocketed, nightly, to impressive levels of semi-hysteria on the subject of Mrs. Palin and her incapacities.

    What Sarah Palin Doesn't Know

  • I have my good days and my bad days, and by looking at me you cannot see my “obvious incapacities.”

    You can't always see a driver's disability

  • And my sweet little girl, home from daycare since Wednesday while HBF is off doing husbandly things, is determined that my incapacities not interfere with her pursuit of world domination.

    Bad Mother Blues | Her Bad Mother


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