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  • n. Plural form of increase.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of increase.


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  • In studies, 70 percent to 80 percent of young people who report these strange experiences do not ever qualify for a full-blown schizophrenia diagnosis, yet the label increases the risk of being "treated" with powerful anti-psychosis drugs.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Since popularization of the term increases the chance that its meaning and origin can get lost or forgotten, a post on the origins and future of the term seems timely.

    Previvor: Past, Present, & Future « Thoughts from FORCE

  • The issue here is actually that man's use of fire is the characteristic element of behavior which enables mankind to increase societies 'potential relative population-density through such as what we term increases in the energy-flux density of heat-power per capita and per square kilometer of territory.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • The only cost this increases is the cost to the employee – you and me.

    When the Cell Phone Is the Office Phone, Taxing It Is Wrong

  • Meanwhile, slower efficiency gains mean short term increases in demand could lead to larger payrolls at the same businesses. -- Top News

  • Demand growth and forecast short term increases in global prices will encourage some domestic rice farmers to try to compete with imports.

  • Restructuring and impairment costs relate to strategic initiatives that result in short term increases in costs that end with the fulfillment of the initiative and cost reductions in future periods.

  • Social Security had built-in increases due to COLAs

    Matthew Yglesias » Defense Spending Going Up, Up and Away

  • Social Security had built-in increases due to COLAs and an increase in the number of people getting benefits.

    Matthew Yglesias » Defense Spending Going Up, Up and Away

  • All that is needed to sell e-books is a damn big server, a competent IT team, and a few websites to promote the book – cut out the middle-men, and the profit margin increases a touch.

    Some Thoughts, Part Eleven – Piracy « The Graveyard


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