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  • n. Plural form of incrustation.


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  • Every sea breached clean over the wreck, washing away the salt incrustations from their bodies and depositing fresh incrustations.


  • Winds and seismic and tectonic disruptions have left their mark in tortuous folds and uplifts, deep gashes, and conical incrustations that hark back far before the age of human folly.

    Pakistan’s Fatal Shore

  • The Jesuit Kircher describes it as a table of copper overlaid with black enamel and silver incrustations.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Stripped of consumerist and materialist incrustations, Christmas can thus become an occasion to welcome, as a personal gift, the message of hope that emanates from the mystery of the birth of Christ.

    Archive 2008-12-14

  • Yet Plato has acknowledged that the soul may be so overgrown by the incrustations of earth as to lose her original form; and in the Timaeus he recognizes more strongly than in the Republic the influence which the body has over the mind, denying even the voluntariness of human actions, on the ground that they proceed from physical states (Tim.).

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • From Heidegger she took the idea of a deconstructive reading of the Western philosophical tradition, one that seeks to uncover the original meaning of our categories and to liberate them from the distorting incrustations of tradition.

    Hannah Arendt

  • It is never, I believe, seen in perfection, except over such saline incrustations.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  • A thick belt of mopane-trees (a ‘Bauhinia’) hides this salt-pan, which is twenty miles in circumference, entirely from the view of a person coming from the southeast; and, at the time the pan burst upon our view, the setting sun was casting a beautiful blue haze over the white incrustations, making the whole look exactly like a lake.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  • Shakespeare opens a mine which contains gold and diamonds in unexhaustible plenty, though clouded by incrustations, debased by impurities, and mingled with a mass of meaner minerals.

    Preface to Shakespeare

  • America, wherever the climate is moderately dry, these incrustations occur; but I have nowhere seen them so abundant as near Bahia Blanca.

    Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle


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