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  • n. A female incubus.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

A respelling of incubus, substituting the (Latin second-declension nominative singular) masculine case ending -us with its (first-declension) feminine equivalent -a; compare succuba, succubus.


  • "Big bang for working together to navigate new territory and small bucks!" remarked a proud grantmaker. prepare for the future by: Many grantmakers were most proud of the relationships they have built with their grantees-helping them to submit stellar grant proposals, helping grantees to Reaching out collaborate, making grants to improve grantees 'programs, and serving as an incuba - tor of grassroots groups yet to establish a track record.

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  • It is however on all hands allowed, that all the changes mentioned, happen to females of the fowl tribe, although they have never had any connexion with a male, and that they lay addle eggs, as they have been called, in every refpeft fimilar to real ones, excepting that they are barren, and altogether unfit for incuba - tion.

    medical commentaries for the year m, dcc, lxxxix

  • [1] acriflavin [1] diethyldithiocarbaminate (, inhibitory only after prolonged incuba - tion time) [1] iodoacetate

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