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  • n. Plural form of incubus.


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  • Master James — that great enemy of the Roman communion and the papal power, had published his “Demonology” (what a book for a king!) and in it had admitted sorceries, incubuses, and succubuses, and acknowledged the power of the devil, and of the pope, who, according to him, had just as good a right to drive Satan from the bodies of the possessed as any other priest.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • If these incubuses are not in the hoosgow by sundown, you can pretty much forget about getting any Snickers or Butterfingers in your pillow cases this Halloween -- and you can also forget about celebrating New Year.

    Madame Jane's Halloween prediction: There will be no 2007!

  • If we don\'t jail those devils and incubuses who have seized OUR White House, there is going to be no more Halloween -- and no more Happy New Year either!

    Madame Jane's Halloween prediction: There will be no 2007!

  • And I don't think she will call you or Jim 'incubuses,' any more after to-morrow.

    Tom Gerrard

  • Storytellers, a blind pathfinder who uses the beat and rhythm of life to find where she's being taken, the incubuses awaiting her arrival and keeping her father knee deep in dark thoughts, and her dad who needs to wake up from his own personal coma in order to be a man and save the little girl he loves.

    Fat Guys at the Movies

  • The incubuses feature a glass plate which distorts their features into what looks like an electrified green static field, the initial fight scene features a cool effect where anything damaged (tables, chairs, windows) reform instantly so that reality won't be disturbed, storytellers and Ink jump between the dream world and reality with a camera flash of brilliant light.

    Fat Guys at the Movies

  • It's a world where storytellers enter our rooms to give us good dreams and ghoulish incubuses spread darkness over our sleeping forms in order to induce nightmares.

    Fat Guys at the Movies

  • The film shifts easily between showing John's struggle to come to terms with where his life has led him and his daughter's journey deeper into the middle world between dreams and reality as the prisoner of Ink. What's more, the characters (beyond the truly-frightening incubuses and the unquestionably good storytellers) are all multi-layered.

    Fat Guys at the Movies

  • It's a world where those lost souls stuck in the middle are forced to slave out an eternity of obscurity and decay or to try to join the storytellers or the incubuses.

    Fat Guys at the Movies

  • When he further sets sorceresses to rule over it, and werewolves, incubuses and wraiths, he is dabbling in Manichaean dualism, the idea that standing opposed to God's good creation is another, separate and equal, or nearly equal, creation given over to evil.

    GreenCine Daily


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