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  • n. An anvil-shaped bone between the malleus and the stapes in the mammalian middle ear. Also called anvil.
  • n. A thunderhead.

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  • n. A small anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear.
  • n. an accessory cloud, in the shape of an anvil which forms by spreading at the top of a cumulonimbus.

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  • n. An anvil.
  • n. One of the small bones in the tympanum of the ear; the anvil bone. See Ear.
  • n. The central portion of the armature of the pharynx in the Rotifera.

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  • n. In zoology and anatomy: One of the bones of the inner (middle) ear of a mammal: so named from its fancied resemblance to an anvil.

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  • n. the ossicle between the malleus and the stapes


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin incūs, incūd-, anvil, from incūsus, past participle of incūdere, to forge with a hammer : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + cūdere, to beat, forge; see kau- in Indo-European roots.

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From Latin incūs ("anvil").


  • Connected with the malleus is another small bone, called the incus, or anvil, which is connected with another, called the stapes, or stirrup, from its shape.

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  • The malleus is connected through a tiny joint to the incus, which is attached to the stapes, both of which vibrate in their turn as result of the vibrations of the bone preceding them.

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  • "The malleus and the incus are the remnants of bones that in our reptilian ancestors were to be found in the jaw, as I explained earlier.

    The Human Brain

  • The peripheral system includes the external ear (auricle and ear canal), the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, the middle ear (three small and connected bones: malleus, incus, and stapes), the oval window boundary, and the inner ear (vestibular system and cochlea).

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  • “The malleus, the incus, and the stapes,” I answered automatically.

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  • Your long crus of incus chillax maxilla, buoyant in vignette.

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  • The surgery needed for the Envoy device, in particular, has raised eyebrows among some doctors because it involves removing a portion of the incus, a small bone in the middle ear.

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  • If the implant is removed, the incus will need to be reconstructed surgically and the patient may lose some hearing.

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  • Patrick Spearman, co-chief executive of Envoy, says one patient who had the device removed had his incus successfully reconstructed using bone cement, with hearing slightly diminished compared with prior to the implant.

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  • So malleus and the incus, or the hammer and the anvil, are actually the quadrate and the articular that used to be in the jaw joint, and now they are hooked up to the stapes here of the ear.

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