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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of indemnify.


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  • It was enacted that the places of worship, and public lands, which had been confiscated, should be restored to the church, without dispute, without delay, and without expense; and this severe injunction was accompanied with a gracious promise, that if any of the purchasers had paid a fair and adequate price, they should be indemnified from the Imperial treasury.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Owners would be "indemnified" against damage that may be caused to their properties as a result of the election, the IEC said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Any intentional breach should be fully indemnified, meaning that the client will have no "out of pocket" costs or expenses related to recovery of the data and compliance with any applicable notice provisions or other obligations required by data privacy laws.

    All - WTN News

  • Agliotti was a main witness in the trial of former police commissioner Jackie Selebi and had not been "indemnified" in that matter.

    News24 Top Stories

  • Direct damages, what's typically associated with a breach of contract, are usually indemnified against.

    Jim Thomas: 7 Keys to Indemnification in Business Sales, Part 4 of 3

  • Halliburton spokeswoman Tara Mullee Agard said "Halliburton believes it is fully indemnified by BP against any loss resulting from the Macondo incident and any penalties arising from the violations alleged."

    BP, Contractors Face Fines Over Gulf Spill

  • He waived his legal privilege and carried on, prompting a debate about whether, if he did publish the 52-page report, as has been his custom since taking over the honorary position of chief disciplinary officer in 2003, and was sued by Thomas he would be indemnified by the RFU.The subsequent decision to block the publication of the report was taken by the council after a recommendation by the board, not by Blackett.

    Report plunges rugby into fresh civil war as RFU row rages on

  • BP and Transocean had a contract that indemnified each other in the case of an accident, with BP taking responsibility for pollution originating from the well and Transocean for any pollution or accidents on board the rig.

    Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP loses bid to make others pay compensation

  • Transocean and Halliburton have consistently argued that their contracts with BP indemnified them against claims relating to pollution from the well.

    Anadarko to Pay BP $4 Billion

  • Halliburton's stock price tumbled 8% on the news closing at $31.68 on the New York Stock Exchange, despite the company's assurance that it was indemnified by BP for damages.

    Contractor Accused of Flawed Job on Rig


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