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  • noun The state or characteristic of being indiscernible; inability to be observed.
  • noun Inability to be perceived as distinct from something else; indistinguishability .


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  • “On dynamics, indiscernibility, and spacetime ontology.”

    Structural Realism

  • So according to the principle of the indiscernibility of identicals (§3. 3), the two guises cannot be the same entity.

    The Philosophy of Computer Science

  • The fact that these formulas in themselves define only indiscernibility relations is a logical commonplace.

    Relative Identity

  • There is no sentence or set of sentences that could be added to the list beginning with Ref and LL that would guarantee that indiscernibility coincides with

    Relative Identity

  • The indiscernibility relation defined by the identity symbol in M may differ from the one it defines in M²; and in particular, the latter may be more "fine-grained" than the former.

    Relative Identity

  • We may imagine the domain of M1 to consist of people, and we can interpret indiscernibility in M1 to be the relation x and y have the same job.

    Relative Identity

  • There are three important points to note about the relationship between indiscernibility, and the relation

    Relative Identity

  • This means that the difference between indiscernibility and I (A, x, y) is minimized at least to the extent that, for a sufficiently rich language such as L, the valid formulas concerning indiscernibility (i.e., the formulas true in every model of what is termed below ˜the pure L-theory with identity™) coincide with the valid formulas concerning

    Relative Identity

  • This is not to say, however, that there isn't a significant difference between identity qua indiscernibility and identity qua

    Relative Identity

  • First, indiscernibility need not be the relation I (A, x, y) (where A is the domain of the structure).

    Relative Identity


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