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  • n. A movie produced on a low budget, originally made to accompany the main feature in a double billing. Also called B movie.


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  • These men have taken oaths of office and on both accounts failed to up hold those oaths in favor of their own personal indulgance and according to the requirements of both offices, such behavior is grounds for removal.

    Meghan McCain: Sanford affair is 'private matter'

  • Shouldn't she be in the public light to bring Alaskan issues to the forefront and how she is working to remedy them, or would that bring to the surface the corruption and self-indulgance of her administration?

    Palin accepts apology but says time for change

  • The price for this indulgance, of course, is that I had to answer the question myself (that and a rather unflattering picture they've dug up of me in the captain's chair of the White Star), but my favorite response comes from science fiction author Paul McAuley, who says:

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • I have discovered that over indulgance in champagne exacerbates my cystitis.

    Retail therapy

  • On the strictly violent front however, the series still has the power to deliver grandiose death traps that appear brilliantly grisly in their intervention: a hair twisting torture contraption results in a seriously ghastly scalp-peeling moment that I would never wish upon my worst enemy, while theres a clever play on hide and go seek that is pretty damn tortuous indulgance test.

    SAW IV | Obsessed With Film

  • His indulgance crippled objective debate - and I speak as an admirer of the great man.

    Why Heffer's Wrong

  • A cupcake is a personal-sized frosted indulgance and I love savoring that.

    Cupcake blog roommate interview

  • Liberty I take with you; indulgance is apt to spoil one.

    Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 16 - 18 March 1776

  • THis is a disease of self indulgance that thanks to the LIE has worked out to other populations-and blood sales etc.

    Reuters: Top News

  • Hopefully any ego bruises I'll sustain here for my preaching indulgance will be minimal.

    All Discussion Groups: Message List - root


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