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  • v. Present participle of inebriate.


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  • The humans are still busy either darting back and forth on a green rectangle or cheering and applauding every such move until they get dizzy and reach out for inebriating liquids.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 661

  • It tends to squeeze all the beauty, joy and inebriating juice out of life for the sake of a perpetually unrequited promise of post-mortem salvation.

    Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph. D.: The Ideological Roots Of Christian Terrorism

  • Although it is common in medicine to provide strong, inebriating drugs to ease the pain in the case of an emergency, no serious health professional would extend such measures for longer than necessary, given the risks of addiction and long-term damage to vital organs.

    Cut the Deficits

  • The Preakness infield is known for its rowdy antics and, after banning alcohol coolers last year, inebriating beverages are making a triumphant return for the 2010 race.

    Preakness Stakes 2010: The CRAZIEST Infield Party Pictures (PHOTOS)

  • In the Harry Potter books, butterbeer appears to have an inebriating effect, and some older online recipes include butterscotch schnapps, but the Universal version is nonalcoholic.

    Butterbeer Is Wildly Popular At 'Harry Potter' Themepark

  • The folks interested in moonshining in a scholarly way as opposed to those who make it or chase it want very much to preserve the idea that moonshining is a folk tradition, part of our culture and national heritage, a harmless thing done on a small scale in the Southern Highlands, like an inebriating version of summer sausage.


  • G & L Bonfante were no doubt aware of the grave problem when they abandoned the expected value of *'honeys' based on their very own grammatical sketch for the ad hoc ammendment 'full of inebriating drink'.

    Missing honey

  • As reported above, without enacting into law, its scent is already proving to be an inebriating vapor to the health insurance industry.

    Christmas in America

  • Even as a pre-teen, years before I nearly drowned in vodka, I nursed an inebriating dread that my future held poverty rather than prosperity.

    Wayne Trujillo: The Barrio: Home To Immigrants, Mother Cabrini And My Inner Child

  • Scientists find uncontroversial truth in mathematics and how music bears kinship to both science and the psyche and allow us to 'feel' intelligence, beauty, honor and love as one high spiritually inebriating sensation of wonder and empowerment (As opposed to war).

    McNamara & Vietnam Veteran Hero Status


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