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  • adj. Not equivalent


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  • "inequivalent" and the inequivalence of two generic theories can be shown almost instantly.

    The Reference Frame

  • Hence, mathematical logic suggests that the application of mathematical physics to the universe as a whole can generate two different types of multiverse: classes of non-isomorphic but elementarily equivalent models; and classes of non-isomorphic and elementarily inequivalent models.

    Mathematical logic and multiverses

  • In this case, the models of the theory will be mutually non-isomorphic and elementarily inequivalent.

    Mathematical logic and multiverses

  • These different vacua are likely to be unitarily inequivalent, similar to what happens with Hawking radiation and the Unruh effect.

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Quantum Mechanics, But Were Afraid to Ask

  • If this works then the perturbative Killing fields are on comoving frames, and the difference between them from region to region might then lead to inequivalent vacua from which some of these types of analyses might be performed.

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Quantum Mechanics, But Were Afraid to Ask

  • If my inequivalent vacua theory is correct then it means the universe admits no global symmetry, including the Coleman-Mandula theorem on the maximal permissible set of symmetries for the S-matrix.

    What’s the (Dark) Matter?

  • The observable universe is a process which takes one nothing, the set of unitarily inequivalent vacua, to another nothing which is the Minkowski void at conformal infinity.

    Science and Unobservable Things

  • In other words two spin fields with multiple topologically inequivalent paths attaching them is equivalent to a brane charge determined by the orbifolding of a string.

    Science and Unobservable Things

  • This grand path integral is from a set of inequivalent vacua states to the Minkowski spacetime at conformal AdS infinity.

    Science and Unobservable Things

  • Clifton and Halvorson improve this result by showing that Bohr's idea of position and momentum complementarity can be expressed in terms of inequivalent representations in the C*-algebraic formalism of quantum mechanics.

    Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


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