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  • n. The state or property of being inescapable.
  • n. Any abstract inescapable thing.


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  • "inescapability" of a solution based on two states, without regard to the growing impossibility of a real Palestinian state or to the fact that Israel is killing off any prospect for such a state and is in fact openly killing off the Palestinians.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • The unhappiness of its characters, the lack of forgiveness (with one notable exception) in its world, the inescapability of it all will stay with you.

    GR2: Red Christmas by Jim Steel « In The Gloaming Podcasts

  • The deeper lesson is the inescapability of economic diversity: different economies are non-trivially and usefully different.

    Ian Fletcher: How to Think Our Way Out of Our Trade Crisis

  • It is the final and ultimate definition of inescapability—we will be bound to this moment for eternity.

    Savage, Minnesota

  • And there's a fatalistic element to it, frightening in its inescapability: like childbirth, once you begin, there's no way out except to finish it.

    Why Sister Mine? By Tawni O'Dell

  • Having seen the human drama “from a veiled corner,” Du Bois had set about trying to lift the veil of race enough for white people to see—and even to feel—through the medium of arresting language and moral signposts what it was like to be a second class citizen in America, a virtual caste whose pariah status inhered in the inescapability of skin color.


  • It is a background and a perch that allows him to write with authority on a subject typified by antithesis, paradox, surprise and inescapability.

    The Revolution That Wasn't

  • Given the inescapability of weather, it's no wonder global warming gripped the public mind as long as it did.

    What's the Next 'Global Warming'?

  • He is certainly right to point out the sheer inescapability of the stuff: a North Korean can block out the personality cult more easily than a Western prole can get through the day without some millionaire “rebel” shouting in his ear.

    Keeping a Civil Tongue

  • You make many good well-articulated points that I greatly appreciate: The impossibility of "de-materializing" and the corollary impossibility of "re-materialization"; the inherent problems with word art; the inescapability of formal issues; the bankruptcy of most or all performance art.

    Consumer Advocate (or 2,589 words)


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