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  • noun The condition or quality of being inexpedient, inappropriate, or unadvisable; unsuitableness to the purpose or circumstances; inadvisability.

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  • noun uncountable The condition of being inexpedient
  • noun countable An inexpedient action or statement

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  • noun the quality of being unsuited to the end in view


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  • Though the old transgressors came no more, new ones arrived every day, and I found myself confronted with the titanic task of educating a whole cityful to the inexpediency of raiding my poppy field.

    The Golden Poppy

  • Realizing the inexpediency of discussing the matter, I went forward myself, overran the line, and let the anchor go.

    White and Yellow

  • A brief exposition of the British foreign policy towards Holland, considered with regard both to its injustice and inexpediency, in reply to the recent (uncalled for) "Justification." by T.O. S

    The Litmus Test of Change in US Foreign Policy

  • The inexpediency of an irredeemable paper currency: Being an abridgement of the chapters from the "Principles of political economy," on money and credit ... and social science for the people.

    Bankers and Wankers

  • And hence all social inequalities which have ceased to be considered expedient, assume the character not of simple inexpediency, but of injustice.

    Mill's Moral and Political Philosophy

  • It was an unwitting compliment to her taste and discernment in singling him out for her own, despite its temporary inexpediency.

    Two on a Tower

  • He said something also as to the great doubt which had ever weighed on his own mind as to the inexpediency of a man at his time of life submitting himself for the first time to the trammels of office.

    Phineas Finn

  • House for an hour, struggling hard to bring back the real subject, and to make the House understand that the ballot, whether good or bad, had been knocked on the head, and that members had no right at the present moment to consider anything but the expediency or inexpediency of so much Reform as Mr Mildmay presented to them in the present bill.

    Phineas Finn

  • In doing this, of course, I appeared to trade, but, feeling I had a right to do so, I felt perfectly easy in my mind; and, as I still held the view of the inexpediency of combining the two professions,

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  • She talked about the scenery, and the charms of the old place, and the dullness of the people around them, and the inexpediency of looking for society in country places; till after awhile Mr Belton was once more at his ease.

    The Belton Estate


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