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  • n. The act or process of falling in.
  • n. An incursion; an inroad.
  • n. The area where water, storm runoff, etc., enters a storm drain.
  • n. Movement towards a massive astronomical body under the influence of gravity; especially the process whereby gas falls towards a neutron star or black hole at high speed, forming a plasma
  • v. To fall in.
  • v. To undergo infall.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An incursion; an inroad.
  • n. A junction; a falling or running together, as of streams; the joining of one road with another.
  • n. The inlet or place where water enters a reservoir or basin: generally confined to cases where the water in entering pours or falls in.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From in- +‎ fall.


  • For how the energetic cycles of that power the cell emerged, that alone has only entertained many interesting possibilities, hot core and cooler oceans, reducing ocean/sea floor/land and more oxidizing atmosphere, molecules generated by incubation in space and subsequent infall to earth, reacting with terrestrial molecules, photochemistry (from a uv-rich sun), concentration gradients of a wide variety of sorts, reactions of molecules produced by energetic processes involving meteor impact/burnup.

    Alice In Wonderland official trailer

  • The infall is much smaller now, on the order of 5,500 tons per year and most in the form of micrometeorites or even smaller particles of interplanetary dust.

    First Contact

  • At this point the sky falls in and the editor, crying “Enough!” crouches submissively to the swaying floor, sobbing and crying like a baby pulverised by meteoric infall

    The Odds Against Science Fiction « Write Anything

  • The power source for everything they were attempting to accomplish was the infall of matter from the three brown dwarf stars.

    On the Spot at BSC – Thomas Harlan interview

  • The result of that infall was the generation of a rotating magnetic field of tremendous strength.

    On the Spot at BSC – Thomas Harlan interview

  • “If,” said he, “your Excellency wishes to make an infall into Argyleshire, this poor man, Ranald, of whom I told you, together with his children and companions, know every pass into that land, both leading from the east and from the north.”

    A Legend of Montrose

  • The amount of surface runoff and infiltration depends upon several factors: water infall rate, surface moisture, soil or rock texture, type and amount of surface cover (e.g., leaves and rooted plants), and surface topography.

    AP Environmental Science Chapter 2- The Cycling of Matter

  • However, there is a fine tuning problem with the initial distribution of causally-connected local matter and energy at the “time of first infall”.

    Incompatible Arrows, III: Lewis Carroll

  • “Some eigenstate of the orientation operator” really means an infall of particles with which we can construct a * statistically normal* map.

    Quantum Hyperion

  • The earth is a constant recipient of an enormous flux of solar radiation as well as considerable infall of the cosmic debris that also arrives periodically in huge, catastrophe-inducing encounters with other space bodies, particularly with massive comets and asteroids.

    Global material cycles


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