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  • n. The principle of papal infallibility; belief in or adherence to the dogma of infallibility.


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  • This method of finessing the issue drew the charge of “creeping infallibilism.”

    Letters to the Editor

  • Ever since, infallibilism about introspection has been a mainstream position in philosophy of mind -- sometimes dominant, sometimes as now out of favor but nonetheless with prominent proponents.

    Speedlinking 12/21/07

  • We have Pizarro's answer, which confuses together the positions of moral realism, moral sense theory, and moral infallibilism one can be a moral realist but not a moral sense theorist, or a moral sense theorist but not a moral realist, or both, or neither; and one can be either without believing that there is a 'royal road to moral truth'; or Anderson's bizarre argument about the probability of God's existence; or Kosslyn's odd talk about God and Supersets; or any number of others.

    Not-so-dangerous Ideas and Very Dangerous Hyperboles

  • So the optimistic realist who has discarded infallibilism has a problem ” the logical problem of truthlikeness.



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