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  • v. Present participle of infect.


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  • Third, ticks are only dangerous if they are infected, and deer play no role in infecting ticks ....

    Experts Say: Little Correlation Between Deer And Lyme Disease

  • The major active component of marijuana could aid the Kaposi's sarcoma virus in infecting cells and multiplying, according researchers at Harvard Medical School.

    August 1st, 2007

  • The only people who will be ban are people who, over a period of time, demonstrate they are simply interested in infecting the discussion with personal attacks.

    Think Progress » Help Improve ThinkProgress

  • Ehrlich's Institute, Ehrlich, learning that Hata had succeeded in infecting rabbits with syphilis, asked him to test this discarded drug on these rabbits.

    Paul Ehrlich - Biography

  • I like the idea of infecting — i mean effecting — other minds with my reading list.

    The Dewey Donation System « Whatever

  • More than a decade ago, Drs. Shay and Wright's team showed they could immortalize human retinal and foreskin cells by adding the gene for telomerase into a virus and then "infecting" the cells.

    Making Cells Live Forever in Quest for Cures

  • Inspire's problems could well have been caused by deliberate disruption such as infecting it with a virus.

    Al-Qaida puts celebrities and bombs online with Inspire magazine

  • YouTube video of Hector Reynoso "infecting" Sebastian Penco with swine flu The Libertadores dilemma shows how sports have become another casualty of Mexico's swine flu epidemic.

    The Cough Heard 'Round the World

  • The thing sticking out of that girl could be anything, more than likely a bit of metal or something from the destruction of the room or an explosion outside, i dout it has anything to do with the moster "infecting" her or shooting daggers at her LOL.

    Cloverfield Promotional Photos - BlackBook

  • "This propaganda exercise sought to seriously damage the reputation of the ANC in the international arena, and to set back the liberation struggle, by portraying the movement as a terrorist group under the control of the Soviet Union, carrying out depraved acts such as infecting South Africa's water supplies with cholera."

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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