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  • n. an act of fastening, especially the stitching together of the labia to prevent intercourse

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  • n. The act of clasping, or fastening, as with a buckle or padlock.
  • n. The act of attaching a ring, clasp, or frame, to the genital organs in such a manner as to prevent copulation.

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  • n. The act of clasping or confining with or as with a buckle or padlock.
  • n.


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From Latin infībulō ("to close with a clasp or pin").


  • The second reason is that the people in the region practice an extreme form of female genital cutting, called infibulation, in which a girl's vagina is sewn shut until marriage.

    Genocide in Slow Motion

  • "Almost 90% of the female population in the north of Sudan undergo FGM which, in many cases, is practised in its most extreme form known as infibulation" - we are quoting from the Report by the Special Rapporteur Halima Warzazi [Morocco/Sub-Commission].

    David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • Female genital mutilation also takes different forms based on tradition, from removal of the clitoris and labia coupled with sewing up of the vagina - a process known as infibulation - to the comparatively less severe but still atrociously painful removal of the tip of the clitoris. - all articles

  • The most severe - known as infibulation - is the removal of parts of the external genitalia followed by stitching together of what remains.

    The Full Feed from

  • The former, also known as infibulation, involves the total removal of all external sex organs before the vagina is sewn up, leaving a small opening for the passing of menstrual blood, while the Sunna type is less extensive.


  • But there are even more extreme versions, such as infibulation, in which the woman's clitoris is cut off and her vagina is sewn shut, leaving only a tiny hole to urinate - on her wedding night, her husband must literally rip her open.

    Daylight Atheism

  • What made it a total Holy Cow/jaw hit floor moment for me was that this woman had been subject to an infibulation, something I had only heard about.

    The Invention of the Sims Speculum - Surgical Improvisation

  • I did not know the words, in my language, or yours for infibulation.

    A Sacrifice For God And Man

  • As Uccellina has already said, “… women undergo clitoridectomy and infibulation for similar reasons …”

    Such a pussy. « A Bird’s Nest

  • I understand that there are women who undergo hymenoplasty in order to be acceptable brides in cultures that consider an intact hymen mandatory for marriage – women undergo clitoridectomy and infibulation for similar reasons, and I find that disturbing and sad as well.

    Such a pussy. « A Bird’s Nest


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