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  • n. Egypt's policy, after the 1973 war, of encouraging the private sector and stimulating foreign investment


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Arabic open door


  • Sadat began dismantling the system of Arab socialism Nasser had tried to introduce, which had not only failed miserably but which had destroyed the Egyptian economy, substituting in its place what Sadat called the infitah or economic opening.

    Spero News

  • The experiment first began in the late 1970s, when president Anwar Sadat forsook the socialist orientations of his predecessor, Gamal Abdel Nasser, by launching his "infitah," or

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • Sadat's controversial peace with Israel in 1979 was pitched to Egyptians as part of a plan for infitah -- opening -- to the West and the global economy.

    Geoffrey Wawro: Nasser's Ghost: Time for Washington to Break the Stalemate in Egypt

  • Such a dual strategy was reflected by Assad signing an agreement on economic co-operation with the Soviets while pursuing a western-orientated policy of infitah (economic opening up).

    James Denselow: From Russia with Love

  • Anwar al-Sadat, for having destroyed the country by his open door-policy, the infitah, "opening up" of Egypt, leaving the door ajar for capitalism, American influence, and corruption.

    Naguib Mahfouz – The Son of Two Civilizations

  • A further problem was the new social tensions generated by the infitah.

    1972, July 18

  • Declaration of the infitah, the “open-door” economic policy that encouraged foreign investment and private enterprise.

    1972, July 18

  • His major domestic achievement, yielding both good and bad results, was the infitah (opening) of the Egyptian economy to private enterprise and outside investment.


  • This vindication paved the way for the peace process that followed, as well as liberalizations such as Egypt's infitah policy. - Articles related to Arab stocks slip on world growth woes, Ramadan, oil prices

  • Its longstanding record of peaceful coexistence and a highly-advanced integration paradigm (infitah) within the public sphere of a multi-sectarian Lebanese topography are doubted by none.


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